Concrete Paving & Repair Services

Sometimes concrete repair jobs are necessary to complete larger asphalt projects. When your parking lot’s concrete pavement is damaged, call Tolliver & Curl for quality concrete paving services. We repair concrete driveways, sidewalks, dumpster pads, catch basin collars, curbs, and wheelchair ramps. Contact Tolliver & Curl today to get a free estimate on concrete repairs.


Most of our concrete services are related to repairs that need to be done when we’re paving commercial parking lots. Our concrete repair services include:


Your driveway is your property’s first impression on visitors. Make it a good one by repairing your concrete driveway and its approach. Tolliver & Curl will ensure your driveways provide a smooth transition from the road to your lot.


There’s nothing like walking on a well-maintained sidewalk. High-quality sidewalks keep your customers safe and satisfied. Tolliver & Curl repairs concrete sidewalks for businesses in Columbus and throughout central Ohio.


Dumpsters put a lot of stress on your parking lot’s pavement. Dumpster pads help protect your asphalt from dumpsters and trash trucks. Keep your dumpster pads in good shape by calling Tolliver & Curl for dumpster pad repair today.


Catch basins help protect your asphalt pavement from water damage by facilitating efficient drainage. Over time, however, pavement fluctuation can damage your catch basins and compromise their structural integrity. Contact Tolliver & Curl for catch basin repair today.


You shouldn’t overlook your curbs when doing parking lot maintenance—they provide structural support to your pavement’s edges. Well-maintained curbs also improve the overall appearance of your parking lot. Call Tolliver & Curl today for a free estimate on curb repairs.


Tolliver & Curl retrofits properties for ADA compliance. Our crews are specially trained to install wheelchair ramps. Keep your property ADA compliant by contacting Tolliver & Curl today.



Is your concrete pavement starting to crack? The earlier you repair cracks, the better. When left unsealed, water seeps into the cracks and makes them worse. Eventually, cracks grow into potholes. Our team can fill the cracks in your concrete pavement to keep potholes at bay.


Concrete slabs often become uneven over time, creating a safety hazard for you and your customers. Uneven sidewalks are especially dangerous in the winter when they’re covered in ice. Our team can level your concrete pavement to keep your property safe and aesthetic.


Does your concrete pavement pool with water when it rains? It’s important to fix poor drainage because the water can lead to more damage. Tolliver & Curl has the expertise to fix settlement issues and reduce the amount of standing water on your parking lot.


Does your concrete pavement have a lot visible wear and tear? It might be time for concrete repair. Contact Tolliver & Curl today for a free inspection and estimate.



Should you repair your concrete pavement or repave it? The answer depends on severity of the damage.

Most of the time, concrete repair is the better option. Concrete leveling is less expensive than completely replacing your concrete and it’s much less disruptive to the surrounding landscape. However, if your concrete pavement is severely damaged, we may recommend replacement.

Our team can help you determine which solution is best for your parking lot. We’ll visit your property, inspect the damage, and give you our honest recommendation based on our years of repairing concrete pavement in Columbus Ohio.



Asphalt and concrete are similar but different. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate and binding agent, while concrete is a mixture of crushed stone, sand, and cement.


When it comes to price, asphalt is the cheaper option. Concrete is more expensive, but it’s also more robust.


Concrete is the longer-lasting solution compared to asphalt. On average, concrete pavement lasts 30-40 years with proper maintenance.


Asphalt can be driven on immediately, while concrete needs at least a week to dry. However, concrete doesn’t require regular sealcoating. Sealing concrete pavement once every 5 years will help prolong its life, but sealing concrete isn’t as crucial as sealing asphalt.


If you’re looking to customize (stamp, color, stain, etc.), concrete is the better option. Asphalt hides oil stains better, but it’s easily damaged by gasoline.

Asked Questions

Since concrete is constantly exposed to the elements, damage is inevitable over time. Concrete damage can also happen when the soil underneath it becomes weak. Over time, erosion and tree roots can disrupt your concrete’s foundation, causing your slabs to crack and sink.

There are many factors that influence the cost of concrete pavement. It can range anywhere from $5 to $15 per square foot for installation and materials. A few factors that influence the price include: The concrete’s thickness and quality, the condition of your land, and the work involved to replace your property’s existing concrete.

We recommend you wait at least 7 days before driving on new concrete. Your concrete reaches 90% of its full potential within those 7 days. Make sure you wait at least 30 days before driving heavy machinery and equipment on your concrete.

Each type of concrete has its strengths and weaknesses. We have a wide range of concrete pavers, ranging from plain concrete to high-performance concrete. The type we use depends on your property’s traffic, climate, and budget.

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Tolliver & Curl strives to provide outstanding customer service to all of our Columbus Ohio customers. We’ll listen to your needs and clearly communicate our recommendations for the work that needs to be done. We provide free estimates and always respect your time and money. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have before and after we complete your project.


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