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Proper sealcoating goes beyond the aesthetics.

How it looks is only part of the issue.

Every business wants a parking lot that is visually appealing, with a clean, black surface, and stripes that are clear and easy to see. While a proper sealcoating job achieves this, it goes beyond the aesthetics to address other issues as well, including potholes and other damage that could worsen over time.

While sealing service provides a variety of benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that too much can result in flaking and chipping. Once that happens, there’s no way to return the lot to a reasonable, smooth elevation. That’s why it’s so important to hire professionals who understand how to properly maintain paved lots and do a quality job.

Nevertheless, sealcoatings contain chemical properties that stave off normal wear and tear, so there are many instances when this is the best option. Asphalt is a flexible pavement that’s made to move, and sealing helps maintain those attributes. From sealcoating and crack filling to completely repaving, our trained experts can evaluate your specific needs and make a recommendation based on those findings.

Signs it’s time for seal coating

A parking lot that has been properly taken care of looks nice and is easy to navigate. Alternatively, a damaged parking lot is not only an eyesore, but the condition can worsen and require costly repairs. If you notice the following signs, it’s time to consider sealing services.

Poor physical condition

Cracks, stains, and aging do more than just look bad – they can wreak havoc on your pavement. Small cracks in the surface may not seem like a big deal, but they can cause larger, more problematic damage. For example, water that seeps into a crack can freeze and expand during cold weather, causing the crack to widen and even form a pothole. Similarly, spilled chemicals such as fluids leaked from cars and other vehicles can seep into cracks in the pavement and make them worse. Not only do large cracks in the pavement affect the appearance of your parking lot, but they require more complex fixes. Seal coat works best when the damage to the pavement is minimal, so it’s important to address these issues sooner rather than later.

While factors like age, amount of traffic, and climate will affect how often you need to seal coat your pavement, it’s generally recommended that this service be done every few years. Failing to do so can cause the condition of the pavement to worsen over time.

Ugly appearance

The parking lot is often the first impression a business makes as customers arrive to their building. Parking lots that have cracks, chemical stains, vegetation growth, and more can appear run down. Old pavement that’s excessively faded and has hard-to-see lines can be frustrating and difficult to navigate. This can leave visitors with a poor first impression before they even walk through your door.

The key to quality pavement

When it comes to achieving a quality parking lot, a protective top layer is a must. It provides a clean, black surface for a “new and improved” look as well as helps prevent future damage to the pavement.

What is sealcoating?

It’s the process of applying a protective layer to the surface of pavement. A variety of seal coat types are available, including tar-based, asphalt-based, and petroleum-based. The seal coat is liquid in form and can be applied using equipment like a sprayer or a squeegee. It can be added to a parking lot, road, residential driveway, and more.

Once a surface has been cleared of debris and cracks and damages have been fixed, the seal coating can be applied. Given the right weather conditions and enough time, the new layer will harden and be ready for use.

In addition to giving pavement a dark black hue, sealing protects the asphalt from the elements, ensuring a visually appealing, quality condition pavement.

How does it work?

As a protective layer, coating forms a barrier above the asphalt to protect it from harm. By preventing water from seeping into cracks in the pavement, it stops the cracks from getting worse and causing more damage, such as forming large potholes. It also slows down oxidation and helps prevent spilled oil and gas from breaking down the asphalt. Additionally, asphalt is flexible, and adding the proper protective coat helps maintain its ability to move and resist cracks. Keeping your pavement in great condition can also help you avoid needing more extensive, costly work later on.


Sealcoating’s many benefits make it an important part of caring for your property. The smooth, black surface it creates makes your parking lot look well maintained and is more visually appealing than a dried, gray surface. The addition of stripes creates a parking lot that’s also easy to navigate, making a great first impression for the customer.

Sealing also forms a surface that is easier to maintain. Its ability to resist water and chemical leaks as well as prevent cracks from forming ensures your parking lot doesn’t form dangerous potholes or other damaged areas that will be hazardous to visitors and costly to fix. By adding a protective layer to your parking lot, you keep it looking better, longer.

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