Asphalt Paving Services in Ohio

Your pavement makes a first impression. If your parking lot or other paved surface is in poor condition, that first impression won’t be a good one. With asphalt repairs and expert maintenance done by our team, your Ohio parking lot will continue to look great for many years to come!

Hiring an Ohio company with the right skills and experience is key to achieving high-quality results. Our team takes a thorough approach to repair, maintenance, and paving. We are able to observe any imperfections in the pavement of your Columbus, Ohio property, whether they are structural or aesthetic. Our experience doing commercial paving projects in Ohio puts us in a position to get the job done right for your commercial property. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


Crackfill & Sealcoating

Sealcoating is where our team adds a protective coating for your asphalt parking lot that protects and extends the life of your investment. Crackfill is used when sealcoating to fill any cracks that would allow water to get under the asphalt. By crackfilling and sealing the asphalt, it protects the asphalt from water and chemicals from damaging the asphalt. Sealcoat helps prevent additional cracks, potholes, and other damage from forming. It also creates a smooth, black surface that makes parking lots and other paved surfaces look newer while being safer for visitors to maneuver.

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asphalt paving

Asphalt’s durability and affordability make it a smart solution. Whether you need a new parking lot, road, or other paved surface, the experts at Tolliver & Curl are ready to get the job done. We’ll prepare the site, install a foundation, apply and roll the asphalt, and finish with any necessary striping and marking. Our team works carefully and efficiently at every step of the process to ensure quality work and lasting results.

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concrete paving

Concrete is a long-lasting solution that is very strong and rigid. While asphalt is our specialty, there are times when concrete is needed to complete the work. A high level of traffic may also result in the need for concrete paving. Our commercial concrete services include sidewalks, curbs, dumpster pads, catch basin collars, and more. We can also retrofit properties to meet ADA compliance requirements, including installing wheelchair ramps.

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parking lot repairs

Parking lots with potholes, cracks and other damage not only look bad, but they also pose safety risks for cars and pedestrians. Poorly maintained lots will continue to deteriorate over time, eventually requiring complex and expensive repairs. The experts at Tolliver & Curl can improve the condition of your parking lot through a variety of maintenance and repair services, including sealcoating, pothole repairs, crack sealing, overlays, resurfacing, and striping.

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We provide custom solutions and services to ensure your parking lot makes a great first impression on customers, tenants, and visitors.


Our asphalt services in OH ensure drivers can have a smooth ride free of potholes and other problems.


Properly installed and maintained sidewalks give everyone a clear, safe path to your commercial property.


We can repair unsightly potholes to help prevent damage to vehicles and improve the appearance of your lot.


Striping and marking ensures your parking lot is visually appealing and easy to maneuver.


We can repair damaged dumpster pads to restore structural integrity and prevent water damage to the surrounding asphalt.


To prevent water from building up and wreaking havoc on your parking lot, our experts can repair or rebuild catch basins to help remove water.


Our crew can install and repair curbs to enhance the visual appeal of your property.

The Tolliver Difference


For more than 65 years, Columbus, Ohio’s businesses have trusted Tolliver & Curl with their paving needs. Our team of experts is skilled and experienced in all areas of paving, including commercial asphalt paving, parking lot maintenance and repair, and more. Our company takes a comprehensive approach to projects, focusing on the pavement’s aesthetics as well as its structural integrity. Properly installed and maintained asphalt is crucial to achieving pavement that looks great and is safe for guests. Whether you need new construction or parking lot repairs, Tolliver & Curl Paving will get the job done.

With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, your project will be completed correctly and within budget. Our company track record for on-time project completion and our commitment to customer care are unmatched in this industry – we’re proud to deliver the best service, and the best results, every time.


If your asphalt is properly maintained by a team of professionals, it can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. This all depends on how well it was installed, so it’s essential to trust the asphalt paving experts in Columbus. Contact us for a quote.

In general, asphalt is the most economical material to build roads with. Asphalt roads can be finished quicker than other types of roads, and they can be done for cheaper without sacrificing quality and longevity.

Asphalt needs time to cure and harden. You can drive on it after 2 days, walk on it immediately, but it will be soft and pliable for up to 6-12 months after being put down. We will be able to determine the exact time for each project.

The weight asphalt can hold is determined by how thick it is. In general, 2-3 inches of asphalt can handle around 8,000 pounds. It’s important to consult an expert to determine the right thickness for your needs.