Is your parking lot pavement falling apart?

Put Tolliver & Curl’s 65 years of paving and asphalt knowledge to work and turn your current parking lot into a showpiece. Commercial asphalt paving is our specialty at Tolliver and Curl. We offer industry-leading knowledge in lot maintenance and upkeep to protect your investment for years to come. By taking a comprehensive approach to asphalt and paving repair solutions, from aesthetics to structural integrity, we deliver you the best service, and best results, every time.

Tolliver and Curl Paving, quality construction & paving services Columbus, Ohio.

Our track record for on-time project completion and individual care that we show each client are unmatched in our industry. We only continue to grow and take pride in being one of the leading paving and asphalt contractors in the Columbus, Ohio, area.

We treat every project as if it were the pavement in our own backyard. Your pavement  work will be done correctly and on budget every step of the way. Our repeat paving customers in Columbus, Ohio are our family, as are our employees and management. Though our clients will always come first, we know our paving employees are our most prized asset to deliver you the best service and results possible. Request a free estimate here.


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What do paving and concrete contractors do?

As paving and concrete contractors, we build highways and roads using concrete. This can include any earthmoving, preparing the roadbed, finishing the surface, and any other task that is required to get the road in working condition.

How much do paving contractors charge?

Each paving project is different. Charges include the materials, labor, and any other things needed to complete the project. Typically, each project is priced per square foot.

How do paving contractors pick out asphalt?

The type of asphalt used for your project will depend on a few factors, including the traffic your pavement will receive, the climate of your area, the size of your space, and other factors.

How do I know if I should replace or repair my pavement?

Whether you repair or replace your asphalt depends on a few factors. They include how long you have had your current pavement, the traffic your area receives, and how much damage your current pavement has.

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Commercial Paving & Parking Lot Services Columbus, Ohio

Commercial asphalt paving is our specialty, and parking lot maintenance and repair is what we do best. At Tolliver & Curl, we take a comprehensive approach to asphalt paving, maintenance and repair, addressing everything from the aesthetics to the structural integrity of your Columbus, Ohio property. There is no substitute for the knowledge we have from years of working on all types of paving projects!

Paving Contractors Columbus Ohio

Asphalt Paving

Commercial asphalt paving contractors that addresses your needs. From constructing new parking lots to installing asphalt, our custom asphalt paving solutions are always designed with your goals in mind. When it comes to new asphalt construction… read more

Concrete Paving Contractors Columbus Ohio

Concrete Paving

We get to the root of the pavement problem. There are times when concrete paving jobs may be necessary in order to complete larger asphalt projects. When this is the case, our team of concrete paving contractors is prepared to deliver top-quality concrete paving services…. read more

Pot Hole Repair Paver Company

Maintenance & Repair

We make it better than it was before. Your parking lot is a reflection of your business. Potholes and cracked pavement are not the presence you’d like to convey to customers and passersby. These problems can also present added safety… read more

Seal Coating Pavement Columbus Ohio

Seal Coating

How it looks is only part of the issue. Every business wants a parking lot that is visually appealing, with a clean, black surface and stripes that are clear and easy to see. But proper seal coating goes beyond the aesthetics to address other… read more

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Catch Basins

Protecting your pavement from water damage. When it comes to asphalt parking lots, water is definitely the enemy. If it stays on the surface of the lot for too long, it will eventually destroy the pavement. That’s where catch basin… read more

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About Tolliver & Curl Columbus

In 1952, Guy Nelson Tolliver, Jr., partnered with Charlie Curl to establish Tolliver & Curl Paving. For the next several decades, Tolliver led the family-owned company, continuing to work seven days a week until the age of 93. Equipped with… read more

“Jay-Car Construction Company has completed hundreds of projects over our 50 year history with Tolliver & Curl Paving. From the very beginning and spanning four generations of family business, we’ve been able to rely on Tolliver & Curl Paving for on time and on budget contracts. Above and beyond that, Tolliver & Curl Paving looks out for the customer with project suggestions and calling out things that should be carefully considered before paving is started on any project. Quality work for many years past will keep us coming back to Tolliver & Curl Paving long into the future.”

David J. Joslin

President, Jay-Car Construction Co., Inc.


Put over 60 years of commercial paving experience in central Ohio to work for you. We have the knowledge and experience to complete any project. Request a free estimate TODAY!