Restripe Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Tolliver & Curl can help you repaint your Columbus parking lot. Our teams have experience painting parking stalls and crosswalks as well as more specialized markings like arrows and ADA signage. Contact Tolliver & Curl today for a free estimate on parking lot striping.

Why You Should Repaint Your Parking Lot


Visible lines keep your visitors safer when they’re driving on your property. If your asphalt’s paint has faded, it makes it harder to navigate your parking lot. Keep your parking lot’s markings bright by repainting them when they fade.


Freshly painted parking lots are beautiful. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the appearance of your property, a fresh paint job works great. Just imagine how much better your parking lot could look with freshly painted pavement.


Are you unsatisfied with your parking lot’s layout? Have customers been complaining that your property is hard to navigate? Repainting your lot gives you an opportunity to change its layout. Our team can help you choose the best layout for your Columbus parking lot.


Repainting your parking lot gives you an opportunity to make sure your property is ADA compliant. The ADA has strict requirements for handicap stall measurements and pavement signage. Our team can help you make sure your property meets these requirements.

Our Line Painting Process



First, we prepare the area by removing all the debris from your parking lot. It’s important to have a clean surface so that the paint sticks to your pavement properly.


Next, we carefully measure your parking spaces and mark up the pavement before painting. We also plan where your parking lot’s symbols will go. Our team keeps your parking lot compliant by carefully following Columbus Ohio codes and regulations.


Once we’ve cleaned your parking lot and planned the layout, it’s time to paint. Our team uses commercial line striping machines for all of our parking lot striping projects. We keep our line stripers in great shape to ensure you get clean, precise lines every time.


Finally, we block off the area to let your freshly painted parking lot dry. We recommend letting your new paint job dry for at least an hour.


The best time to repaint your parking lot is right after completing some kind of maintenance like sealcoating, resurfacing, or crack sealing. The paint will stick to a freshly paved surface better than a worn one. If you want to get all of your parking lot maintenance done in one project, Tolliver & Curl can handle the job. Learn more about our other parking lot services:


Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating protects your pavement and extends its lifespan. Sealcoating also gives your parking lot a beautiful black finish. Call Tolliver & Curl today for a free estimate on asphalt sealcoating.

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Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is a repair service that levels your property. If your parking lot has a lot of valleys that pool with water, asphalt resurfacing could be the best repair option. Contact Tolliver & Curl for a free quote on asphalt resurfacing today.

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Asphalt Repair

Is your asphalt parking lot looking dull and damaged? Our team is experienced in all types of asphalt repairs, from crack sealing to pothole repairs. Call Tolliver & Curl today for a free estimate on asphalt repairs.

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Concrete Repair

Sometimes concrete repairs are necessary to complete larger asphalt projects. We repair driveways, sidewalks, dumpster pads, catch basin collars, curbs, and wheelchair ramps. Call Tolliver & Curl today for a free quote on concrete repairs.

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