Asphalt Parking Lot Repair

We get to the root of the problem

Your parking lot is a reflection of your business. That’s why it’s so important to repair your parking lot’s cracks and potholes. You want your customers to see an aesthetic blacktop surface, not a weathered eyesore. Cracks and potholes are also safety hazards that increase your customers’ risk of injury and vehicle damage. In some situations, asphalt paving can be repaired with a simple overlay. But extensive damage often demands a more comprehensive solution, from sealing a few areas to repaving the entire parking lot.

When you choose Tolliver & Curl for asphalt repair in Columbus Ohio, we get to the root of the problem. We will offer solutions to meet your immediate needs and future concerns while offering solutions that fit within your budget. Asphalt pavement always fails for a reason, either from surface failure, base course failure, or subgrade failure. It’s important to tailor asphalt repair to the type of visible damage and the future use of the failed area. If trash and dump trucks have destroyed your pavement, we would recommend a much different approach than if your sub-grade was failing or even surface cracking is apparent. Your parking lot was designed and constructed to accommodate a certain type of vehicles. Our team of experts can determine which design was installed and come up with the best solution for repair, specific to your pavement. We will get your project done right, on time and in budget.

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Our Asphalt Repair Services

Tolliver & Curl provides professional blacktop repair and maintenance to the Columbus Ohio area. Our asphalt maintenance services include filling cracks, seal coating, pothole repair, full depth asphalt patching, milling and paving, as well as asphalt overlay and paint striping. Contact us today and one of our experienced pavement specialists would be happy to discuss your pavement needs.


Asphalt is designed to be a flexible surface. It moves, expands and contracts, as well as freezes and thaws with the seasons in Columbus. A gray appearance is the first sign that your pavement is ready for seal coating. When asphalt is worn on the surface it loses its ability to adjust with traffic and weather, it is not as flexible and begins to crack.

Sealcoating adds a protective layer of chemicals that penetrate the bituminous surface, which allows the asphalt to gain back some of its intended flexibility. A proper maintenance program for any asphalt surface would include the application of sealer. Though it should not be necessary to seal coat each and every year, an assessment of your lot is highly recommended on an annual basis. Our team of experienced pavement estimators will help you determine the best maintenance solution for your pavement. Get a free estimate on our Columbus sealcoating services today.

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Crack Sealing

Included with every seal coat application that we provide, you will find crack filling included. It is necessary to fill those voids prior to sealing to achieve the expected end result, a smooth asphalt surface. If an area of your asphalt parking lot has started to crack, it is likely that a sealcoat application has been missed in the past. You can get back on track with your asphalt maintenance program simply by filling those isolated cracks, if your budget will not allow for a proper seal coating at this time. Crack sealing is a great short-term solution if you need a quick, cost effective repair. Contact us today for a free estimate on crack sealing.

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Pothole Repairs

Potholes put you and your customers at risk of injury and vehicle damage. There are many different procedures with varying cost associated with this term “pothole repair”. This is an instance where you as the consumer needs to be clearly informed of what this work entails and what you can expect upon completion. For Tolliver, we see pothole repairs as a less expensive alternative to a full depth asphalt patch. When repairing potholes, we sweep debris from the damaged area and infill the existing hole with hot asphalt. That new asphalt is compacted and can be left in the basic shape of the old hole. Filling the holes in your parking lot provides an immediate, cost-effective solution while making your lot safer. Call Tolliver & Curl today for a free estimate on our pothole repair services.

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Asphalt Patching and Repair

When large, shattered areas are visible to even the untrained eye, imagine what an experienced asphalt professional can see. Your maintenance program could include several asphalt repair areas throughout the parking lot. If the entire lot is not in the same condition, if there are certain areas that have failed before other areas, then asphalt patching could be the solution. We assess your asphalt and devise a plan to make aesthetically pleasing square patches by removing and replacing the asphalt. Several factors come in to play when determining the right size and depth of these repairs. Contact us today and our experienced pavement team will provide recommendations to meet your needs.

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Overlays and Resurfacing

There are instances when an existing parking lot has been maintained over the years, but it is ready for a brand-new asphalt surface. There are factors that our experienced team will identify if this solution is the right one for your parking lot. We consider things like failure in the existing asphalt, drainage/slope and match points along concrete such as ADA areas. Let our team assess the situation and discuss the options to meet the future needs of your parking lot, call today!

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Mill and Pave

Similar to an overlay, this process leaves you with a new asphalt surface, but we are able to dial in an exact depth and remove the existing damaged asphalt. The choice to mill out a certain depth of existing pavement is determined by the extent of damage in width and depth. Complete removal or milling is the only way to install new asphalt back to the original elevations, which is often necessary in a parking lot. Sometimes this operation is useful to do large repair areas, while there are other instances when milling out an entire lot prior to paving is necessary. As with all our techniques to maintaining your parking lot, existing damage, future use, drainage, slope and your budget are all factors we keep in mind. Our experienced team will help you determine the best course of action to meet your needs. Let Tolliver & Curl help you make the right choice, request your estimate today.

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Striping and Marking

Our comprehensive parking lot maintenance services include paint striping and marking your lot to maintain traffic patterns. This is yet another application that we use to help you maintain the professional look of your parking lot. Sometimes all your lot needs is a fresh coat of paint to bring the curb appeal up to par and we can help you make that decision. Tolliver & Curl has the experience, tools and drive to get your parking lot project completed, down to the final paint marking.

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Tolliver & Curl also provides concrete repair and maintenance services to the Columbus Ohio area. We repair sidewalks, catch basins, dumpster pads and curbs. Concrete damage is easy to overlook, but you shouldn’t ignore it. Let’s say there’s a cracked dumpster pad on the corner of your asphalt parking lot. That dumpster pad not only looks bad, but it may pose structural problems as well. If not properly repaired, water can make its way underneath your asphalt pavement and run to the catch basin below. The same is true of concrete sidewalks and curbs, which if not addressed could lead to washout on the pavement.

Our team is ready to get started on your next concrete repair project! We’ve got you covered whether you need beautiful sidewalks for your customers or a proper dumpster pad for your business. Contact us today for the following services:


There’s nothing like walking on a new concrete sidewalk without bumps and cracks. Well-maintained sidewalks also reflect well on your business. Tolliver & Curl services concrete sidewalks throughout the Columbus Ohio area. Contact us today to install your new sidewalk or replace your damaged concrete.


Catch basins protect your asphalt pavement from water damage by efficiently draining rainwater off of the surface. Over time, pavement fluctuation can cause damage to your catch basins, compromising their structural integrity. Our estimating team will assess the damage and determine the root cause of the problem. Though the issue may be visible on the surface, the real concern could be well below the sub grade of the parking lot. Let us help you determine the real problem, assist you in understanding the solution and complete the repair to meet your needs. Use Tolliver & Curls experience in parking lot construction and maintenance to restore the structural integrity of your entire parking lot, including your catch basins.


Concrete dumpster pads help protect your pavement from heavy metal dumpsters and the trash trucks that empty them every week. Very typically we find damaged asphalt just outside of a concrete dumpster pad, where the truck collects the container, dumps the trash and sets the steel container back down. Sometimes the concrete itself has failed where the front load of the truck has exceeded the weight limits of the concrete design over time. We can fix that! Contact Tolliver & Curl for dumpster pad maintenance and repair.


In addition to sidewalks, we also repair concrete curbs. Don’t overlook your curbs when doing parking lot maintenance—they provide structural support to the edges of your pavement. Well-maintained curbs also contribute to your parking lot’s overall aesthetic. Contact us today for a free estimate on curb maintenance and repair.


Commercial asphalt paving is our specialty, and parking lot maintenance and repair services are what we do best. At Tolliver & Curl, we take a comprehensive approach to asphalt paving, maintenance, and repair, addressing everything from the asphalt aesthetics to the structural integrity of your Columbus area property. All aspects related to any pavement maintenance program is what we do and with over 65 years in the business, our reputation is doing it well.


Every business wants a parking lot that is visually appealing, with a clean, black asphalt surface and stripes that are easy to see. But proper seal coating benefits go beyond aesthetics by also restoring the asphalt’s flexibility. Keeping the chemicals in the asphalt will allow it to adjust to our weather in Ohio. The rain, sun, freeze and thaw year after year destroys asphalt parking lots. Seal it up!


Ohio winters can be long, so pothole repair can be a very important service to keep in mind. We handle all types of projects, including commercial, industrial asphalt parking lots, and condos. It is imperative to have a safe parking lot for all. When people come and go, you want a parking lot that doesn't have any cracks or potholes.

Our Reviews

“Jay-Car Construction Company has completed hundreds of projects over our 50 year history with Tolliver & Curl Paving. From the very beginning and spanning four generations of family business, we’ve been able to rely on Tolliver & Curl Paving for on time and on budget contracts. Above and beyond that, Tolliver & Curl Paving looks out for the customer with project suggestions and calling out things that should be carefully considered before paving is started on any project. Quality work for many years past will keep us coming back to Tolliver & Curl Paving long into the future.”

David J. Joslin
President, Jay-Car Construction Co., Inc.


The way in which we repair your asphalt will all depend on the size, scope, and details of your specific project. Because no task is the same, we decide on things like crack filling, resurfacing, patching, removal and replacement, and other methods.

This will also depend on your situation. We are experts at sealcoating, which is a great way to give your asphalt a facelift to not only make it look better, but make it last longer. This is a great cost-effective option.

Yes. You can pave over things like asphalt driveways, parking lots, or roads. This is done by installing new layer on top of the asphalt that is already there and grinding at the transitions.

This will depend on the state of what the new asphalt is going on top of. If you have a base that is in very bad shape, putting a layer over top will not always fix the underlying issues. This is why it’s important to consult an expert.

Put over 70 years of commercial paving experience in central Ohio to work for you.