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New parking lot construction and new asphalt installation.

Commercial asphalt paving that addresses your needs.

From constructing new parking lots to installing asphalt, our custom asphalt paving solutions are always designed with your goals in mind. When it comes to new asphalt construction, our experts will prepare and grade the site, install a foundation of stone to ensure proper drainage, and then finish with a layer of asphalt, which is rolled to form a smooth and attractive surface. The final task includes adding the parking stall stripes and other markings. Similarly, the construction of a new parking lot requires careful examination of the engineering specifications—as well as the site—to determine project materials and scope.

  • New Parking Lot Construction

Your parking says a lot about your business. Making a good first impression for tenants, customers, and visitors is key! With our experts, you get years of experience in asphalt paving for the Columbus area. We work with different types of asphalts and different types of situations, so you can be sure you’ll a custom solution to your paving needs.

  • New Asphalt Installation

We are experts in new asphalt installation services. Whether it is roads, driveways, or other asphalt projects, we have the expertise to get the job done! Asphalt is a durable, cost-effective pavement method with years of proven success.

The Benefits of Asphalt Services


Compared to concrete, asphalt is much more cost-effective. Asphalt is mainly made of crude oil, which can fluctuate with market prices. This can cause changes in the price of asphalt, but in general, it is cheaper than concrete. 


Asphalt is 100% recyclable. Recycled asphalt can be stronger, last longer, and have a stronger rut resistance compared to virgin asphalt mix.


When installed by a professional like Tolliver Paving, your asphalt can last up to 20+ years. With the harsh weather conditions we experience in Columbus, this is a great option!

Noise Reduction

Because it has open-grade surfaces, asphalt is the best “quiet” option compared to concrete. This is why it’s great for high-traffic roads, driveways, and parking lots.


Do I need asphalt or concrete?

Asphalt is typically the best solution for driveways, roads, and walking paths. It is commonly used because it is easy to repair, is aesthetically pleasing, and is a cost-effective solution. During harsh weather conditions, like those experienced in Columbus, it is flexible and gives.

Why do contractors wait before laying asphalt?

Underneath asphalt lies a bed of gravel. When you hire an asphalt paving contractor, they will need time to let the gravel settle before paving over it. If you want your pavement to last up to 35 years, it is important to let the gravel settle to produce an even, flat bed. This way, the asphalt won’t crack and split as the stones beneath it shift and settle. An experienced paver will use a steel roller to cut down the wait time and will make sure you get a compact paving job.

Why do paving contractors pick out asphalt?

Asphalt contractors in the Columbus area pick out asphalt because they have experience working with it, and know the best type based on your needs. We work with many types of asphalt, including:

  1. Porous asphalt: this asphalt has been around since the 70’s. It’s typically used in parking lots so that the water can drain through the pavement. Porous asphalt is a great cost-effective solution and can last over 20 years!
  2. Perpetual pavement: this is a combination of asphalt and the multi-layer paving design process. This solution is long-lasting and very durable.
  3. War-mix asphalt: this is a combination of asphalt and the multi-layer paving design process. This solution is long-lasting and very durable.
  4. Quiet pavement: reducing noise from traffic can be of utmost importance when it comes to choosing asphalt. Quiet pavement uses stone-matrix asphalt or open-grade friction course mix to help minimize the loud sounds from travelers.
  5. Thin overlays: Using recycled materials and warm-mix asphalt will help reduce distress and life-cycle costs, improve ride quality, and decrease noise levels.

How long should I stay off my new asphalt?

Typically, it is recommended to give your asphalt pavement 24 hours before driving on it. If the weather is very warm, we recommend waiting up to 2 days as the higher temperatures can cause the asphalt to keep soft longer.

How much do asphalt contractors charge?

Depending on the job, the cost for asphalt paving can vary. For example, a driveway will cost between $2.50 – $4.00 per square foot.


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