How Can The Most Common Causes Of Asphalt Damage Be Prevented?

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Common Causes of Damage To Asphalt

Asphalt has a handful of benefits over concrete pavement, but it’s still important to maintain the asphalt to ensure its longevity and prevent it from accruing unnecessary damage early in its lifespan. There are different types of cracking, most brought on by similar causes. Potholes can be dangerous and difficult to repair, and can lead to more cracking and other asphalt damage. Depressions can be equally as frustrating as potholes and can make the asphalt look as though the top is melting into the ground. One of the causes that is most common of asphalt damage is improper water drainage. Water collecting on the top of asphalt or underneath it can cause serious damage to the pavement. Moisture can cause the asphalt to lose structure integrity from water expanding due to cold temperature. By being aware of these causes you can prevent unnecessary damage from occurring.

Potholes Forming in Asphalt Pavements

Potholes in asphalt are a type of damage that is typically formed over long periods of time and is possible to prevent with the correct maintenance. Over long periods of time pavement cracking and water penetration can cause the asphalt to lose some of its structural integrity. When a crack is neglected it can cause moving asphalt damage, and as it erodes away it can turn into a pothole. Potholes in asphalt can be dangerous and cause damage to vehicles. Maintaining your asphalt pavement by fixing each crack will rescue the likelihood of the crack causing a pothole. A pothole can be fixed by digging out the damaged area and filling it again with a quality asphalt. This will prevent damage from spreading even further in the pavement. By having a proper sealcoating done on your pavement it will greatly reduce the degradation and asphalt damage and will prevent potholes from forming in the asphalt. Ignoring a major crack or small cracks or other obvious issues with your asphalt surface can result in problems that only naturally spread, and in order to prevent this routine maintenance checks for your pavement should be done.

Asphalt Pavement Edge Cracking

Asphalt edge cracking mostly contributed to issues with pavement construction, the ground settling underneath the asphalt, or the asphalt foundation being eroded away. Edge cracking occurs along the edge of the pavement parallel with the road. An edge crack usually appears within a couple feet of the outer edge of the pavement and will typically spread along the edge. Sometimes the cause of asphalt edge cracking can’t be fully prevented because of natural shifts in the earth. To stop the spread, check the edge of the asphalt pavement regularly and take note of any crack that has formed. By repairing any cracks the damaged asphalt won’t be able to spread and it will greatly mitigate the issues with the pavement. Additionally a protective sealcoat applied to the top of the pavement every 2-3 years will protect the asphalt from damage occurring quickly and stop water from seeping in through the asphalt layers.

Prevent Asphalt Depressions

Depressions in asphalt are when an area of the pavement becomes more compacted and lower than the asphalt around it. Depressions can occur from a number of causes, one being when too much weight is applied to the asphalt. One of the most common reasons asphalt depressions occur is from heavy machinery or vehicles being stored or parked regularly in the same spots. Leaving anything extremely heavy on asphalt will cause long term problems with your pavement. Another one of the common causes of asphalt depression is frequent traffic. Wheel paths can cause each layer of the asphalt to become distorted on highly trafficked asphalt roads and in asphalt parking lots. Without proper care the damage to your pavement can damage entire areas of asphalt. Depressions can be avoided by ensuring the installation of asphalt is done correctly. It is also important to make sure asphalt pavements have effective drainage and a working seal coating to reduce moisture buildup and retention.

Fatigue Asphalt Damage

One of the worst types of asphalt damage is fatigue cracking. This is because the only true way to fix asphalt that has fatigue is to dig out the asphalt and replace it. A fatigue crack can often be attributed to the base layer of the asphalt weakening. When an existing crack gets water in it, or water penetrates the asphalt surface it can damage the pavement. This is especially common in winter and spring when water freezes and melts inside the asphalt causing damage to occur as the water expands and shrinks. Problems will often occur after these freeze-thaw cycles. Ensuring the asphalt has proper water drainage and is not overloaded can be a big help in preventing asphalt fatigue cracks from spreading. One of the most practical ways to prevent asphalt damage from happening is to perform regular pavement maintenance. Checking often or having a pavement specialist inspect your asphalt pavement are the best ways to stop fatigue cracks from spreading and causing more damage. Preventative asphalt maintenance is by far the most effective way to make your asphalt last longer and prevent larger repair costs later.

Additional Pavement Services

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Local Asphalt Professionals

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