What Are The Advantages Of Asphalt?

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Construction Benefits of Asphalt Pavement 


Quick Asphalt Paving

Make sure you’re informed when it comes to the benefits of choosing to use asphalt for your next project, whether it be paving a brand new parking lot or filling the cracks to maintain a commercial driveway. Asphalt pavement installation, whether it be roads or a parking lot, is a relatively quick process especially when compared to concrete paving. One of the big advantages of asphalt is the rapid drying time. Because asphalt paving doesn’t require a long resting period after being poured you are able to drive on the roads or parking lot pretty quickly after being installed. With paving concrete there is a much longer drying, or curing process when compared to asphalt paving, which can cause delays in other construction, lot stripping, paving of nearby roads, etc. Another one of the great benefits of asphalt is the quick turnaround for repair times; in normal weather you typically only need to wait one day to start driving on your asphalt pavement. Repairing asphalt roads is often a quick and simple process when compared to concrete which often requires sections to be dug up and replaced entirely. Tolliver and Curl Paving handles the entire process from start to finish, from land grading to road stripe painting which simplifies the process of pavement installation. We offer services for parking lot repairs, sidewalks, striping, curb installations, roads, and more.

Highly Durable Pavements


Another benefit of asphalt is the enduring lifespan of asphalt compared to other pavements. Because of the highly recyclable materials used in asphalt, it is not only more durable but also made of materials that are highly recyclable; asphalt is known as one of the most recycled materials currently being used today. With pavement made of concrete there is a much shorter lifespan, and they often need costly repairs, which results in lane closures, or even road closures. Asphalt pavement can last 20+ years if installed professionally and maintained properly over the course of its lifetime. Asphalt’s ability to be poured continuously in one large section during paving is another reason why it’s superior to concrete, which is poured in smaller sections and requires construction joints. Costly repairs of concrete pavement add up over time, while the long lasting asphalt pavement is simple to repair. Because asphalt pavements are so durable, one of the advantages is that you can design the pavement to withstand a more intense weight limit. This means a lot can be designed specifically for heavier than normal use, even if that means parking large vehicles. Because the components in asphalt make it flexible, it can even handle brief moments of overloading its normal weight capacity.

Smooth Roadways

 Asphalt pavement is smoother than any other type of pavement on the market. Smoother roads offer a variety of benefits, including some very surprising safety advantages when compared to other types of pavement. One of the benefits that is often not thought about is the smoother, quieter roads. These pavement roads and parking areas are more enjoyable to drive on. Another one of the services that we offer is sealcoating, which will create a strong seal to protect your pavement. Open-grade asphalt creates a surface which is even quieter. These smooth surfaces will increase the lifetime of tires, and are more fuel efficient for drivers. 

Asphalt Pavement Savings and Benefits


Road Safety

When deciding whether or not asphalt is the right choice for your project consider the safety of those on your roads. Because well installed asphalt has a smoother surface than other materials it allows increased contact between the vehicle’s tires and the road surface. This heightened contact increases the grip tires have on a road which lowers the chance of sliding or other dangerous accidents occurring, especially during rainstorms or other inclement weather. The darker colorization of the materials creates a high contrast for painted lines, hazard markings, and other pavement markings. Higher contrast makes these markings easier to see in a variety of different weather and environmental conditions making sure that drivers remain safe regardless of what is happening outside of their vehicle. Depending on the time of day the glare on roads is greatly reduced because of the darker materials that make up asphalt; a lack of strong visibility when driving at higher speeds is a major safety factor. Asphalt material can also more quickly absorb heat from the sun. Snow and ice will melt faster on asphalt pavement than it would on a concrete road. Paving with asphalt in areas that get frequent snow, or in areas that freeze throughout the colder months will help keep the roads safer for drivers. 

Cost Efficient Pavements

No matter what your paving project may be, cost is always going to factor into your decision. The cost of asphalt is another one of the main benefits to consider when preparing to begin construction on your road or parking lot. Adding to the list of benefits, the price of asphalt is 2-3 times cheaper when compared to other pavement options, including maintenance. Repairs are also more cost efficient, and because asphalt repairs are done quickly, you can save time not having to reassign parking at your business. Unlike other pavement materials the process of resurfacing asphalt is fairly simple and painless. Paving a fresh layer of asphalt gives your lot or road a brand-new feel and look, and is a great way to extend the life of your paved area. Before resurfacings we will repair any areas that have accrued damage over time, which creates a stronger finished product. Tolliver & Curl have been experts in pavement solutions for over 65 years and continue to provide an extensive, full-service approach to our services. When it comes to paving asphalt, Tolliver & Curl bring a level of expertise that is unmatched. Call us today to request a free estimate on your paving project. Whether it be asphalt or concrete, we are happy to put our commercial paving experience to use for you.