How Does Asphalt Repair Contribute To Overall Community Safety?

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Asphalt Maintenance and Driving Safety

A well-maintained asphalt road can reduce road hazards and increase overall safety for drivers and pedestrians. Potholes and general erosion can be extremely dangerous, especially on higher-speed roads. Vehicles driving on unsafe roads are more difficult to control. Dodging potholes can cause damage to a vehicle and even cause accidents. If asphalt roads are neglected they will continue to get worse over time and erosion will get substantially worse. Vehicle safety is a large concern and to reduce potential safety risks for your community be sure to have your asphalt roads repaired regularly. Overall damage prevention will increase if the asphalt roads are safer for the community to drive on. If you have an asphalt road that is in need of repair or showing signs of erosion contact Tolliver & Curl Paving to request an estimate or have one of our professionals come inspect the road to determine the extent of the repairs.

Potholes in Asphalt Continue to Grow

Potholes are typically formed when cracks aren’t repaired within an appropriate timeframe. These cracks spread and weaken the asphalt materials over a longer period of time until the structural integrity of an area becomes so weak that it collapses. In many circumstances, asphalt potholes are completely avoidable and are simply a product of maintenance neglect. Once a pothole forms it doesn’t just stop spreading. New cracks can appear from potholes or other weak points in the asphalt and begin spreading in even more directions. If a crack is left unmended for a long enough time, a pothole will form, which in turn may start causing more cracks in an endless cycle.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that once a pothole forms there is no repairing the asphalt. A pothole can be cleaned out and refilled in order to stop the spread of cracks. In the case that cracks have started to form or a pothole has become present it is always a good idea to have it looked at by a professional earlier than later.

Asphalt Edge Cracking and Driveway Structural Integrity

Asphalt driveways have become popular over the last several decades for several reasons. The initial investment in an asphalt driveway is much lower than alternative paving options. Asphalt is a very durable material and when it is properly maintained has an impressive lifespan. asphalt driveways have a relatively quick installation process so homeowners aren’t left without a driveway for a long period of time. One downside to asphalt driveways is that when they are not installed perfectly, edge cracking may occur. This typically occurs when the outside area of asphalt pavement is not supported or the underlying layers of materials are washed away or begin to erode. The lack of structural support along the edges of the pavement results in cracking. As the edge cracking spreads it causes even further damage to the driveway and potentially causes structural damage that cannot be easily repaired. In order to avoid these issues we always encourage clients to work with a professional pavement company for both the installation process and maintenance repairs. By maintaining your driveway you’re reducing the chance for large cracks, potholes, and other issues that can cause safety concerns for you and your family.

Water Damage and Asphalt

A common issue that can occur with asphalt pavement when it doesn’t receive proper maintenance is water damage. The longer one waits to repair asphalt the worse water damage becomes and it can rapidly lead to a safety issue. When asphalt has a crack that doesn’t receive repairs water and moisture can easily collect in the crack. This can weaken the asphalt and reduce the overall structural integrity of the pavement. When moisture collects underneath the asphalt surface and the temperature fluctuates the water will expand and retract. This cycle is called the freeze-thaw cycle and is detrimental to asphalt, especially in winter when the temperature often drops below freezing. As water turns to ice it expands pushing the materials apart, and once the ice thaws the asphalt is left with more, larger cracks and gaps.

This is especially dangerous because as the structural integrity of the asphalt becomes weaker the pavement begins to crumble. Regardless of what your asphalt surface is being used for, uneven pavement is dangerous for vehicles, pedestrians, workers, and bicyclists. If cracks have begun forming consider having an asphalt maintenance company inspect the pavement to determine if it is possible to repair the surface.

Reducing Overall Maintenance Cost

Like with many things, providing regular maintenance will reduce the severity of each repair, which will likely reduce the cost of each repair. Sometimes a property manager or property owner will put off some repair projects in order to have multiple repairs done all at once. In theory, combining maintenance into one bid could save you money, however as time goes on any damage the asphalt has sustained will only get substantially worse. As the repairs get worse, the cost to fix them increases. Filling in a crack early on is more than likely to be a quick and simple repair. If the crack is ignored it could expand, allow moisture in, and can even be the root cause of more than one pothole. By tackling these repairs early you not only ensure that the pavement is safe for the general public but also ensure the costs of repairs don’t continue to increase exponentially over time. Stay on top of maintenance for your asphalt road or driveway to avoid big headaches and multi-day repairs.

Extend the Life of Asphalt Pavement

Another one of the great benefits regular maintenance can provide is the extended life of your asphalt surface. An asphalt road should last at least 15 years, but with good maintenance the road could last years longer, even being usable for longer than two decades. When a road is not taken care of through regular repairs and maintenance the overall structural integrity may fail much sooner. There are a multitude of issues that can arise including cracking, edge cracking, potholes, asphalt depressions, general pavement fatigue, and more. An important part of maintenance is sealing the asphalt once again every few years to protect the asphalt layers from moisture penetration. It is also important to make sure you’re having cracks filled before they spread, greatly reducing the chance for potholes. Potholes themselves can even cause more cracking and additional nearby potholes to begin forming. All of these repairs can help your asphalt surface to stay strong and will make sure that the surface won’t begin to crumble over time.

Tolliver & Curl Asphalt & Pavement Services

Tolliver & Curl is a premier pavement solutions provider for Central Ohio. Our team pours fresh asphalt roads and driveways and provides seal coating, asphalt repair, and general asphalt maintenance. To have a professional come to inspect your asphalt pavement and get a quote for the repairs, reach out to our offices today. In addition to asphalt work, we provide concrete services including sidewalks, curbs, wheelchair ramps, dumpster pads, and more. Sealcoating provides a fresh layer of asphalt to the pavement in order to strengthen it and help reduce potential erosion. As pavement professionals, we provide parking lot services beyond concrete pouring including parking lot sealcoating, parking lot striping, and catch basin repairs. As a business, we have provided our services for over 7 decades and are proud to have paved many roads, lots, and driveways across Central Ohio.

Contact Us for Asphalt Repair & Maintenance

Asphalt maintenance is an important part of taking care of asphalt pavement and keeping safety concerns at a minimum. In order to maintain high safety standards, asphalt pavement is repaired regularly. We provide services from personal asphalt driveway installations to private road seal coating. With our longstanding relationship with the community of Central Ohio, we constantly improve our craft to ensure we are providing the best service possible to our friends, family, and neighbors. To learn more about our asphalt maintenance services or to schedule an inspection contact Tolliver & Curl Paving today.